Lisa Coyle


Yoga Teacher

I began my yoga journey about 28 years ago when I was a theatre student at SMU. My teachers back then taught us a few poses, but mostly they taught us the mental practice of yoga in order to teach us to become more aware of ourselves, others and our surroundings. They wanted to teach us to become more present….more "in the moment". At the time, all I knew was how great it felt to practice the poses, the meditation, to get those precious glimpses of real "presence" and I felt more free and more myself than I ever had. Of course, when I left school and went out into the world with its stresses and distractions I would lapse back into habitual ways of looking at myself and the world and I felt less free and occasionally wrestled with stress and anxiety. Luckily, Life threw some unpleasant experiences my way that made me, once again, seek out those feelings of peace that I knew were possible. I began my practice again…this time with a stronger sense of purpose and unbelievable gratitude. I loved the way the physical practice made my body feel, but I really loved the way the mental practice enlarged every single thing in my life. And now, seeing myself firmly in the second act of the play of my life, I know that what I have to offer as a teacher of yoga is my love of the practice and my wish for everyone to find magic in their own practice….one breath at a time…. In my class we have fun, work hard, but, most importantly, experience being completely in the moment – every breath of the way. Namaste.

Lisa has completed her training with both American Power Yoga and YogaFit.