Stefanie Tovar


Yoga Teacher

Stefanie began her yoga journey as a performing artist in the practice of Baptiste Power Yoga in 2004.  Stefanie travelled the world as a performing artist and found yoga gave her a sense of groundedness and solace, no matter where her work and suitcases took her.  

While touring in her professional offering of performing arts, Stefanie felt a feeling of isolation and disconnect from the world around her and craved an opportunity to hold space for herself and others to make a lasting impact.  

Tragedy of losing a loved one suddenly hit her heart, and she decided to make a big change; from the stage, makeup and lights to the dark solace of the yoga room make space to process her grief, sense of disconnect and isolation.  

Initially Stef thought she would get her Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and move to NYC to renew pursue her ambitions in the arts, but love and yoga kept her in Texas.  It was there that she met her Bhakti Yoga Teacher Sean Johnson, of Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band who lead her back to her creative spirit...This time sharing her love of music and storytelling to help heal and renew in a yoga room, one breath at a time. 

Stefanie feels so blessed to have yoga and the arts back in her life, and to be able to share love and yoga with all of her being with you in the time and space of a yoga class.