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Corporate Wellness Services


Invest in Happier, Healthier Employees

with The Mat Yoga Studio Workplace Wellness

Just as all departments in a company need to coordinate in order to function, the human body has a number of systems that must work together constantly. When lines of communication shut down between systems, the body stops performing at its peak—and as an employer, you lose money when this happens to your employees.

That’s where we come in.  

Yoga affects and strengthens all systems in the human body. 

●      Yoga improves

      focus and concentration

      productivity and effectiveness 


      attitude and general disposition

      sleep quality

●      Yoga helps alleviate

∗      high blood pressure

∗      depression

∗      carpal tunnel syndrome

∗      fatigue

∗      obesity

●      Yoga produces a reduction in

      sick leave and absenteeism

      health care claims

      worker’s comp claims 


Starting in 2014, the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) offers incentives to employers for adopting and implementing Workplace Wellness Programs (WWP). Yoga wellness programs typically provide a 5:1 ROI—that’s a 20% return on every dollar you spend on yoga programming in your workplace.

Not only do we make employees happier and healthier: we also help companies save money.  

If you don’t have a WWP, we can help you create one that fits your needs. Email us for more information.


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