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What Students are Saying...

"I’ve tried other studios but this is the one that feels like home." -Pam G.

"The Mat has become my happy place. Each instructor is knowledgeable and amazing in their own way and brings so much love and positive energy to every class. It doesn’t matter whose class I attend, I know I will leave inspired and supported. It feels like a real community – a family." -Tracy B.

"A life value I have is to support small and local producers and businesses. That personal value is what first put The Mat on my list, but then I experienced the exquisite line up of teachers, the kind and helpful staff, the cleanliness and efficiency of the studio, and the kind people I practice with... those things brought me back. The Mat’s commitment to give back to the community and that world make this studio my kind of place." -Cinde R.

"Once again thank you very much for such amazing teachers, classes, yogis.... everything. Being part of this studio has truly made me a better person..." -Olga

"The Mat Yoga Studio is, by far, the best studio I have visited. The ambiance is inviting. The temperature is always perfect. The teachers are down to earth and encouraging. And my most favorite, favorite thing about your studio is that you have classes all the time. I have actually cut other things out of my budget in order to come to yoga because I know, for sure, that when my stress levels rise, the studio is where I need to be. I have talked about your studio on my Facebook page and I commend you and your staff on the work you have all done. Thank you for having this amazing place where I / we can renew and re-energize." -Jess C.

"I wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying the restorative yoga class on Friday nights. Not only do I enjoy the relaxing atmosphere but I love seeing the results in my personal practice! I'm actually surprised that I can twist a little deeper, or reach a little farther. I have recommended the class to several of my clients and hope they come to the studio in January to experience this truly transforming practice." -Neela F.

I have loved the Mat and will hope to find a studio in Seattle with instructors that are as wonderful as those at the Mat. -Janet

"...The Mat is so special. You have worked so hard to make the Mat an excellent studio - a place that is well cared for and continually grows. Not to mention so welcoming and warm. I have never felt intimidated during a practice or less of a yogi because of my lack of knowledge or inability to do certain poses. We are always encouraged to go at our own pace. Thanks for making the Mat such a great place! " -Betty K.

"I love the instructors. To me that is the most important thing." -Sheba K.

"I love my yoga studio, I don’t go anywhere else. The best way that I can describe it is to call it “the culture”. The instructors are amazing, super flexible class schedule, ambiance in the studio. The young ladies at the desk know my name, the students Facebook each other so we can keep in touch and we know each other. I am also a big fan of the workshops, restorative was fantastic!!!" -Jessica K.

"I practice at The Mat because, without exception, everyone associated with The Mat is a joy to be around. It is the most welcoming place I've ever been. That and because everyone at least pretends to enjoy my sense of humor." -Bruce P.

"The studio is committed to bringing its students a variety of yoga practices so that all people of all ages can experience the benefits of yoga. Becky is a fantastic owner who really listens to her patrons. Plus, the cost here is very reasonable and The Mat has lots of choices so you get the most bang for your buck in this economy!" -Cori P.

"Hands down I practice here because of the true family that is cultivated at The Mat. I was going to say community, but family is a much better word. I walk through the door, and it doesn’t matter who is at the desk, they have a huge smile on their face and greet you by name. Becky remembers everyone and every conversation you have with her. In class, you start to see the same people, and you just organically start talking, introduce yourselves, and become friends. The other practitioners are ALWAYS a source of encouragement and joy at the end of a long day for me. And then there are the teachers – I can’t imagine that anywhere is as lucky as we are to have the teachers that we do. Every one of them takes a genuine interest in the lives of their students, and they mold their practices to fit those on the floor beside them. My life is absolutely made better by having this place – this family – to come to each day!" -Alex G.

"I love the instructors and I love the very friendly environment. I love practicing with Julie because I love her music because she has a great mix of “old school” and some us find ourselves singing while doing yoga and we just laugh and flow on. I’m a big believer in “if it aint broke don’t fix it!” The Mat is my home and I’m totally comfortable there. I’ve tried other places, which is okay because I’m open to different experiences, but The Mat will always be home base." -Evya R.

"I absolutely love the feel and ambiance of The Mat... it just feels like home to me and I wouldn’t want to practice anywhere else." -Cat T.

"Because of the sense of belonging to a unique and special community of friends that practice there. The instructors are all uniquely great in leading and teaching their practices. I’ve only had positive experiences, coming in stressed after a day at work and being Moved Awakened and Transformed at the end of the session." -Mark M.

"I researched the various styles of yoga and searched for studios near me. I initially selected The Mat based on the profiles of Becky and the instructors, the variety of classes, and the schedules. I was immediately impressed by the atmosphere and attitude. I was amazed that after my first introduction everyone remembered my name. Samantha's instruction and patience in my first gentle classes convinced me that I could do this. Literally everyone at The Mat is incredibly friendly, supportive, creative, and empowering. In less than two weeks of starting my practice, I was sure that I had found an activity (not an exercise) program that I enjoyed and the perfect place to practice." -Chris M.

"The Mat is not just my favorite Yoga studio. It is one of my favorite places to be. I can't think of a more warm and welcoming place to spend my time! The simple answer is the instructors. They offer excellent advice for modifications and intensifications with a smile. Truth told, every detail about The Mat shows meticulous care and deliberate energy to create a space with a singular purpose: providing an excellent space for Yoga!" -Ryan M.

"I love the atmosphere. I have done yoga at the corporate gyms before, but it just doesn’t feel the same. The energy level in any given session is through the roof. I also like the fact that each instructor has their own special routine. Every week I feel like I get to experience something new." -Vivek N.

"I really like the instructors and the varied nature of the classes, coupled with a very comfortable studio with other really nice yogis." -Bill B.

"The change in ownership a couple of years ago really breathed a refreshing breath into the studio and changed the attitude to one that makes everyone feel welcome and happy to be there. Every once in awhile, you just find a gem among the rocks of the world and The Mat is one of them!" -Mike M.

"I feel very at home and comfortable with The Mat family I have created. I feel like I can really let go and freely practice without judgment." -Alison M.

"Between my research into other yoga studios and the fact that I’ve tried a handful, you can trust me when I say The Mat is the best in Dallas. It begins and ends with the people. You absolutely will not find a better set of instructors to lead you through your yoga practice. I tried 3 other yoga studios in Dallas through Groupon just looking to add variety to my practice, and I always consistently returned to The Mat. As often as I’ve come to The Mat, I’ve never left the studio without having smiled at least once. The philosophy of teaching is something you don’t get at other studios, and they throw in smiles for free. At other studios, you may leave class having done yoga at the same time as other people. At The Mat, you’re doing yoga *with* people. We share the energy in our studio, whether it’s a class of 4 or 40. When we were all iced-in our homes for a whole week, we gathered on the facebook page encouraging each other’s home practice. Between the times we laugh and the times we fall, we do it together in class." -Reema M.

"The Mat was my first experience and I really enjoy all the instructors. I am a loyalist. Also: Lisa, Jayme, Erica (the person at the desk on 2/21/2009), Julie, Stevan, Jenn, Karine... the instructors I practice with the most, are part of what keeps me coming back." -Gary H.

"I practice at The Mat because the studio is warm and friendly! I feel the teachers are there to help each person on their journey with yoga, physically and mentally. Everyone at The Mat is very approachable and will answer questions, or help after class with a pose. The Mat has a fantastic energy, and I feel it as soon as I walk through the door." -Helen H.

"I am not exaggerating when I say that I have practiced at over 15 different studios. This studio is my home because of some key things that they do well. First, the studio is warm and welcoming and has a family atmosphere. Second, the studio allows the different teachers to show their personalities in their classes. I have been to many studios that insist that all the teachers have uniform styles in their classes. Also, this studio is constantly trying to get better. They ask its patrons what times would be good, what kinds of classes they would like. These wonderful attributes are not things you see at all studios. The Mat is a truly unique place and I am proud to be a part of it." -Rhonda B.

"The teachers at The Mat are wonderful. Each has their own style, and brings along with them their own way of encouraging and motivating the class, as well as delivering a beautiful message. They play great music that enables you to get engaged in your practice, or get lost in it. The atmosphere is conducive to concentration as well as relaxation. It has really become an important place in our lives, and the teachers play a special role. We are thankful for The Mat!" -Kristi D.

"The whole vibe of The Mat is just right for me – not too out-there and ethereal, but quirky and fun and hard core and organic all at the same time. I really appreciate and continue to grow through the style of yoga that you teach and through the variety of teachers and their personal styles. (I love the teachers!) That variety keeps me challenged and interested. I also practice here because of the strong sense of community. I believe you really have something special going on at The Mat – and I love being a part of it!" -Rebecca F.

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